Bubba going down to the wire with Sirius XM


While Sirius XM did cut a new five-year deal with its biggest star, Howard Stern, it remains at loggerheads with Bubba the Love Sponge. His contract is due to run out on Friday.

Already on holiday break from live programming, Bubba (Clem) has taken to his Twitter account to update fans on the progress – or rather lack of progress – with contract negotiations. Without giving details, he’s complained that the satellite radio company is offering only a fraction of what he’s been paid for the past five years. He seems to be threatening to take his uncensored show to the Internet, via Radioio.com, where fans would pay to subscribe to his daily show alone, rather than as part of a package as on Sirius XM.

In the latest development, fans began emailing Scott Greenstein en masse. He’s President and Chief Content Officer of Sirius XM. Bubba then tweeted that they should leave Greenstein alone. “It will just mess a already bad situation up more. But Thsnk [sic] u for trying,” Bubba told his supporters on Wednesday (12/29).

Unlike Stern, though, Bubba isn’t totally dependent on Sirius XM for his radio income. His FCC-compliant syndicated daily show originates at Cox Media’s WHPT-FM Tampa-St. Pete and is carried on stations in five other markets.