Bubba the Love Sponge rakes in the bucks w/ internet radio


In the premier issue of the new Manager’s Business Report, RBR-TVBR Publisher Jim Carnegie conducted a video interview of Bubba the Love Sponge about his business plans for Internet radio after exiting satellite radio. Well, we now have some figures on how he’s doing.

Bubba’s uncensored show – separate from his syndicated show on FM stations – is distributed online by IO World Media, a penny stock company headed by Bubba’s agent, Tom Bean. The company reports that the Early Enlistment Program for Bubba Army members to sign up for Radioio Live subscriptions generated nearly $1 million in revenue. That February promotion offered a three-year subscription for $299.99, rather than the regular rate of $467.64.

Bubba Army enlistees who signed up for the February special are also getting a bonus – 100 shares of restricted stock of IO World Media. At Monday’s 93/14) closing price of 34 cents, that’s worth $34.

“We talked about extra benefits for Early Enlisters and are extremely excited to offer these loyal Bubba Army followers an opportunity to own a piece of IO World Media Inc. and participate in the evolution of media content delivery,” said a statement from Bubba.

To view our interview with Bubba, in which he discusses the potential for Internet radio, the business model, and how quickly he expects it to take off, click on the opt-in link to receive the new, interactive MBR. Opt-in link for Manager’s Business Report   The Bubba interview is eye opening if you wish to venture into today’s internet radio sector.