'Bubba The Love Sponge' tweets No more Sirius XM


Bubba the Love Sponge tweets via Twitter on New Year’s Eve, he is “done” with Sirius XM and is taking his show to Internet radio.  It came down to the wire: ‘Bubba going down to the wire with Sirius XM’

Here’s the tweet:  “Ok, it’s official I’m done. I really am relying on u all 2 come 2 radioio dot com. I’m scared, but also somewhat relieved. I’m my own boss now!! As of midnight tonight my name and all content will be removed from Sirius XM. So I’ve never said this, but I am now cancel cancel cancel. They don’t think we have a following that’s why they have done this. Show them!!” –  Bubba The Love Sponge (via Twitter)

Bubba heads to the “New Media” frontier of online radio provider radoio.

While Bubba heads for the internet he is also pushing for this loyal following to drop their subscription to Sirius XM. Many took to his Twitter and Facebook pages to announce that they had called Sirius XM to cancel. 

Bubba also posted via his Twitter feed that this Wednesday, 01/05/11, he will hold a press conference regarding where his show will be available outside terrestrial radio show’s six markets.

For additional reports for all Bubba fans see RBR.com and search “Bubba.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Sirius XM execs obviously think that losing Bubba won’t cost the company many subscribers. So while the company got its biggest star, Howard Stern, to take some sort of pay cut to stay on what is now the only satellite radio company in existence, it appears to have demanded a much bigger cut from Bubba, who only made a fraction of what Stern is paid anyway. While Bubba will no doubt make decent bucks from Internet radio, given his established fan base, it is still tough to build revenues with online subscriptions. Fortunately, he also has a regular paycheck coming from his FCC-compliant syndicated radio show. And since he’s no longer on satellite radio, more station owners may be interested in extending that beyond the current six markets.