Buck Robinson wins Circle of Excellence Award


Robinson Radio is a leading one stop shop radio-only ad agency based in Richmond, VA. President & CEO Buck Robinson recently won of Washington SmartCEO’s Circle of Excellence Award (only company recognized outside of the DC metro region) for strategically turning his organization around, while continuing to be an advocate for radio and delivering ROI radio advertising campaigns to brands across the country.

Here’s how he earned the award: From 2005 – 2008, Robinson Radio doubled in size, in terms of billings and personnel but in 2009 due to the suffering economy, advertising dollars were cut back across virtually all media and that growth came to a crashing halt and Robinson Radio took a big hit. Dropping from nearly $10mm to $4mm in 1 year and as a result, had to cut their team from 30 people down to only 10.

In 2011 – through a strategic plan and open/consistent communication with a dedicated and driven team – Robinson Radio recovered bring billings back up ending the first quarter of 2011, surpassing their total 2009 billings, with projections of hitting $15M by the end of the year.

Buck Robinson told RBR-TVBR, “I see our turnaround as being a strong indicator of a greater renaissance for radio in general.  We would not have been able to survive without the support of our media vendors, and when we were going through the workout we told them, ‘if you help us make it, it will only mean more business for all of us going forward.’  Well, the numbers over the past 16 months have validated that claim.  We’ve brought in more new business in January-April 2011 alone than we did in all of 2009.  That’s obviously a blessing for us as a company, but it’s a boon for our media partners too.  And frankly, as more advertisers start to appreciate the competitive advantages of radio for their brands, and as more major agencies realize that there are specialty companies – like Robinson Radio – that they can outsource their radio to with confidence, we only see that trend continuing to improve.”

Robinson Radio is a full service agency specializing in Direct Response. They place media locally, nationally and throughout Canada in all radio outlets: terrestrial radio (land-based or public radio), satellite radio, and internet radio.