Budweiser to run seven ads in Super Bowl


Anheuser-Busch is reportedly running seven humorous ads in this year’s big game, which 2/3. Bud Light will be featured in six of the seven, while the Clydesdales will return in the single spot for Budweiser.

Bob Lachky, EVP/global industry and creative development at Anheuser-Busch, tells the AP two of the Bud Light ads will rely on "rug-pull" gags involving special powers that the beer supposedly endows on drinkers.

In one spot, Bud Light claims to give people the ability to breathe fire — something that goes awry when two people are out on a date — while another spot claims the beer gives people X-ray vision, something a young woman who gets it wishes she didn’t have. The AP also reported other Bud Light spots include a humorous look at some cavemen who stumble upon a useful discovery — the wheel — when they need a way to get their cooler made of stone to a party.