Building a radio group the old-fashioned way


Donald J. Tlapek isn’t just building a radio group – he’s constructing it. He already holds a CP to build a station in Olathe CO. Now for $10, he has acquired the right to buy a CP for another FM, this time in Steamboat Springs CO.

The seller of the Steamboat Springs property is Kenneth Ramsey’s Ramsey Leasing Inc. The original buyer, Jean Cotes, accepted one of those rectangular notes on heavy paper stock with an engraving of Alexander Hamilton on it (or its equivalent) in exchange foe the right to acquire the CP.

Tlapek is using licensee name Radio Partners LLC.

The price for the CP will be $125K, with $10K being held in escrow by Media Services Group – MSG’s Bill Whitley was broker on the deal. An additional $90K will be paid in cash at closing, and $25K more will be covered via a promissory note.

The station is licensed as a Class A on 98.9 MHz with 1.85 kW @ 600’. Steamboat Springs is located in unrated territory in the northwest quadrant of Colorado just west of the Continental Divide.

Olathe CO is far to the southwest, and the Class C1 CP does not create a contour overlap scenario. It will be built on 107.5 MHz with 20 kW @ 1,775’.