Bunning slowed some funds, but loosened others


Some citizens unfortunate enough to be unemployed and at the end of their benefit period were blocked from an extension by the one-man work stoppage in the Senate recently staged by Jim Bunning (R-KY). But Bunning’s escapade inspired a Kentucky Democrat to buy TV time in Louisville and Lexington.

State AG Jack Conway is locked in a primary battle with Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo for the right to represent the Democratic Party in November as the contest for the retiring Bunning’s seat goes before the voters. But he took the occasion of the Bunning filibuster to run ads criticizing not only Bunning, but the top two Republican contenders for Bunning’s seat.

Conway’s message is that baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Bunning threw “high and wild” for the duration of his blockade, and that Republicans Trey Grayson and Rand Paul were “shamefully cheering him on,” according to the Washington Post.

Both CQ Politics and Cook Political Report see the Kentucky US Senate race as a toss-up at this point.