Bunyards drop a bundle for Fayetteville AR CP


Hog Radio Inc., headed by Jay and Teresa Bunyard, is paying over $1M to get a CP for a station licensed to Greenland AR that when built will throw a good signal over the Fayetteville AR market. The Bunyards already have an AM-FM combo there.

The seller is JEM Broadcasting, headed by Elvis Lee Moody.

The price is $1.05M, with a $50K escrow deposit and cash at closing for the rest. Moody, who received a 25% bidding credit on the CP that the buyer is not eligible for, will be responsible to repay $89,250 to the FCC.

The CP is for a Class C3 on 101.5 MHz with 10 kW @ 509’. Its signal will be oriented just south of Fayetteville with good coverage over that town as well as over Springdale to the north. Radio veterans may recall that Arbitron used to call this the Fayetteville-Springdale AR market.

The Bunyards already own KUOA-AM Siloam Springs AR and KAKS-FM Huntsville AR.

There is one more aspect of this deal to report. The contract calls for the nullification of a prior deal between the same two parties, using different licensee names. The Bunyards, as Ouachita Broadcasting, were going to sell KENA-AM Mena AR to Moody, as M and M Media LLC, for $70K in a deal filed with the FCC 9/23/11. That deal has been canceled. KENA is not part of the Fayetteville market, but has a CP to move north from Mena to Fort Smith AR, which is turn is south of Fayetteville.