Burger King campaign leads to lawsuit


Turn on the television and you may receive an invitation to head to your nearest Burger King restaurant and get a double cheeseburger for only $1. But franchise owners say it costs them $1.10 to sell them and are taking BK to court.

The National Franchise Association, which according to a post at Huffington represents 80% of BK franchisees, is handling the lawsuit.

It says that the actual food costs 55 cents and another 55 cents goes to wages, rent and other costs of doing business. Franchisee spokesman Dan Fitzpatrick said, “New math, or old math, the math just doesn’t work.”

Burger King says franchisees know they have an obligation to support the company’s value menu program and that the court action is without merit.

RBR-TVBR observation: We wonder how much a double cheeseburger would cost when you factor in court costs and attorney fees. You’d think that even if it acted within its rights to run this promotion, BK management would make sure its franchisees were on the same page before they kicked this off.