Burger King gets a round of applause on Capitol Hill


We weren’t the only ones to notice Burger King’s move to help combat childhood obesity (see related story above). BK joined 11 other food companies in pledging to restrict advertising to preteens, earning the praise of key legislator Ed Markey (D-MA). "Burger King is making a whopper of a commitment to public health by voluntarily setting nutrition standards on advertising directed at children. I commend the Burger King Corporation for joining Kellogg, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Kraft, General Mills and others, in making such commitments. These commitments are a positive step in our nation’s fight against the childhood obesity epidemic," he. On the down side, Markey also called attention to Chuck E. Cheese, Nestle, ConAgra, Dannon, and Yum! Brands. That’s because they have yet to come into the fold. He fired off letters to each urging them take the pledge themselves.