Burglarized DJ finds himself in jail


Local media in Lexington, KY are reporting the bizarre case of WBUL-FM morning co-host Roy Baldridge, known on the air as “Dusty Dan.” Police were called to his home early Tuesday to investigate a burglary, but along with arresting two alleged burglars, they also arrested Baldridge on a growing list of charges.

First off, WLEX-TV reports that police ran the serial numbers on guns the alleged burglars took from Baldridge’s house – and they came back listed as stolen. Apparently some serial numbers had also been tampered with. The police said Baldridge had no explanation, so he was arrested on charges of receiving stolen property and possession of a defaced firearm.

But then police obtained a search warrant and went through the DJ’s home, seizing a computer and a hard drive. Then they also seized a computer from the home of his parents. WLEX reported that four counts of possession of child pornography were added against Baldridge.

Meanwhile, Dusty Dan was missing from the “Moo Crew” morning show Tuesday on Clear Channel’s WBUL-FM “98.1 The Bull” while sitting in jail, with bond initially set at $7,000. By the end of the day he had disappeared from the station website and Clear Channel sent WLEX a statement confirming that Baldridge was no longer employed by the company.

The two men arrested outside Baldridge’s house are facing charges of first degree burglary.