Burken Broadcasting doubles down in Vegas


Stephen Burr and Bryan Kent Hawkins are replacing John Douglas as buyer of one AM in Las Vegas, and buying a second AM from Douglas, forming an AM-AM duopoly. Both stations will be coming via LMA/option deals. Burken, a subsidiary of LV Broadcast Holdings, is taking over AIM Broadcasting's LMA/option to acquire KRLV-AM, an arrangement which dates all the way back to 6/8/04. AIM is Douglas's company. The seller is Fred Weinberg's Continental Radio Broadcasting. The price is 3.4MK.

In the second part of the deal, AIM/Douglas will give Burken KLAV-AM for the nominal price of 10 dollars, pursuant to an LMA/option of much more recent vintage, dating back to 4/27/07. Both stations are not only part of the Las Vegas market, they are also licensed specifically to that city.