Buy details in on Wienerschnitzel's "Heritage" campaign


Kristin Proctor, Wienerschnitzel spokesperson, tells gave RBR-TVBR the details on the television buy for its 99-cent Original Chili Dog deal available through 1/22. The effort is the first of more to come, during its 2012 “Heritage” campaign, which will focus on the brand’s authenticity, company history and themes from the 1960s and ’70s. Here’s the run-down:

The TV spots are airing in the Los Angeles/Orange County market for the 99¢ Chili Dog promo.

General Market TV (:30 & :15 TV spots)
On-air: 1/3/12 – 1/15/12
Stations: Fox Sports West, ABC, KCAL, CBS, KCOP, NBC, KTLA and KTTV

Sports Sponsorships TV (:10 spots)
On-air: 1/3/12 – 1/22/12
Stations: Fox Sports West, Fox Sports Prime Ticket and KDOC
These spots air during popular sporting events such as Lakers basketball games, Ducks hockey games, football games, etc.