Buyer of Georgia FM Seeks NCE Status


SoldEddie Esserman’s Joule Broadcasting, LLC has filed paperwork with the FCC to sell an FM asset.

WROK(FM) is licensed to Macon, Georgia which is just over 80 miles southeast of Atlanta.

The buyer is Educational Media Foundation, which planned to ask the commission for permission to convert the station to non-commercial educational status.

In this transaction, Joule is acting as trustee of the Cadet Divestiture Trust. Cumulus is the beneficiary of the trust.

The price is $625,000, payable in immediately available funds. A $31,250 deposit was to be placed in escrow and applied to the purchase price.

EMF has asked the commission for a waiver of the main studio rule so the broadcaster can move WROK’s main studio to EMF co-owned KLVR, Middletown, Calif. That’s some 2,206 miles outside of WROK’s 3.16 mV/m contour.

WROK would be part of EMF’s “K-Love Radio Network.” EMF tells the agency the move would help the broadcaster realize cost savings. “As a listener-supported station, WROK-FM will face financial constraints. The obligation to maintain separate staffing and studio locations for both WROK-FM and KLVR will place a serious financial burden on EMF and divert the limited resources are available for K-LOVE’s programming efforts,” says EMF in its filing.

EMF proposes to have a local public service representative in Macon to speak with community leaders and other residents to ascertain the interests, concerns and needs of Macon listeners, which the station would address in its news and public affairs programming. The representative will be a liaison between Macon listeners and WROK programmers. EMF will maintain a toll-free telephone number and the WROK public inspection file at the main studio of its parent station, KLVR(FM), Middletown, Calif.

WROK is a Class C3 FM with an ERP of 6,100 watts @ 659’ HAAT; it operates on 105.5 MHz.

Esserman of Media Services Group is the broker for the seller.