Buyer will Leep into the South Bend radio business


WZOC-FM serves South Bend IN from its transmitter to the south of town in Plymoutn IN, and it’s going to be in the hands of new owners Michael R. Leep and Kristen Guernsey Leep once a deal just filed with the FCC makes it to the finish line.

The station is an Oldies outlet on 94.3 MHz, a B1 with 11.5 kW @ 492’, giving it ample coverage of the center of the market. It will be the only station in the market for the buyers.

The buyers are using Douglas Road Radio Inc. as the licensee name for the station, and the license company will be a subsidiary of their Summit Radio II LLC.

The seller is Plymouth Broadcasting Inc., headed by James C. Kunze.

For the time being, Kunze will retain a presence in the market in more ways than one. For starters, he still holds the license for WTCA-AM Plymouth, which brings a primary signal right up to but not over South Bend. For another, he will provide consulting services for WZOC for five years at $25K annually, for a total of $125K in value.

The price for the station will be $2.1M in cash, bringing the total compensation package to $2.225M.