Buyers comment on CC Radio stopset change


Buyers comment on CC Radio stopset change in Houston – Kim Vasey, Senior Partner/Director of Radio, mediaedge:cia, and Matthew Warnecke, Partner, Network and Local Radio, MediaCom, commented on yesterday’s story about CC Radio Houston FMs moving from three to two stopsets per hour (9/17/07 RBR #181):

Said Vasey: "I’m not so sure that’s a wise thing to do-that seems like a pretty long pod and I’d be concerned that the listeners will start to tune out with such long breaks.  CC was the one that started the push to shorter stop sets with their Less is More initiative so it’s interesting they changing their position. But, who knows, we may find, through PPM measurement that consumers will stay tuned even through a 4 minute break. I’m sure CC will be monitoring it closely and one of the benefits of PPM is that one can see results on a more timely basis than through the old diary method…It’s a new world!!"
Said Warnecke: "Who can say what the specific results of this stopset change (if it’s real) will be?  What’s more gratifying (if true) is that this demonstrates the robust nature of the PPM electronic data, the recency of the data, and therefore the ability of advertisers, stations, and agencies to react quickly to changes. In the end, that should mean a more effective delivery of a well timed, consumer-focused message."