Buyers comment on PPM issues du jour


Given all of the PPM news this week with the Arbitron injunction and commercialization of new markets, we asked local buyers if they were buying from PPM data in New York; and what their first take was on what they see in the eight new PPM markets.

Matt Feinberg, SVP/National Radio; SVP/Director, Interactive Broadcast; Director/Radio, Zenith Media Services, tells us he thinks the injunction is ridiculous. “PPM is the currency that we’re using in New York—for all its blemishes it’s the currency that we’re using. There are hiccups and there will be more hiccups. But the methodology has proved out it is not perfect, but it is getting better. Everyone just has to learn to live with the new data and constructively criticize Arbitron to make the product better. And it will be better for all of us.”

Chris Fontana, Mediavest VP/Activation Director, Audio Investment Activation, tells RBR, “The currency is the currency, so we are all moving forward. We are supporting the PPM. It is not without its trials and tribulations, but I think it’s the right place that we should be—migrating to something and moving off of the diary.”

On the eight new markets, Fontana says in terms of embracing the new technology in these big markets, ultimately they will have to somewhat live with their client direction. “I say that just because you hear a lot about the old ‘100 GRPs is now the 70 GRPs.’ I think it’s a matter of managing our clients—to get them into a certain comfort level—making that bridge with them and taking them to a point where they are more comfortable. Some are more confident than others [in PPM] and I think we’re doing our best as an agency to manage that.”