C3 Metrics Receives MRC Accreditation on Display Ad Metrics


The Media Rating Council (MRC) has granted C3 Metrics accreditation for measurement of Desktop and Mobile Web Display Ad Viewable Impressions and related viewability metrics.

To earn MRC accreditation, C3 Metrics successfully completed an audit by independent CPAs engaged by the MRC of the technologies, systems, and processes that contribute to its viewability measurement of display ads, and was determined to be compliant with MRC’s Minimum Standards for Media Ratings Research, as well as the MRC’s Viewable Impression Measurement Standards and other relevant industry measurement guidelines.

“Viewability is the critical component for accurate attribution,” said Jeff Greenfield, Co-Founder and Chief Attribution Officer at C3 Metrics. “The MRC has provided the industry with an evidence-based pathway for the manner in which viewable impressions can be consistently and accurately measured. C3 Metrics is in full alignment and support with these criteria and I’m proud of the team that has worked with MRC and its independent CPAs to receive this accreditation.”

“The path to accreditation is arduous and consists of a rigorous audit and a thorough evaluation of an organization’s approach and the execution of its methodology,” said George W. Ivie, Executive Director and CEO of the Media Rating Council. “C3 Metrics has been found to have met the criteria for compliance with our Viewable Impression Measurement Standard and other relevant requirements, and can now present itself to agencies and advertisers as accredited by MRC for its measurement of display ad viewable impressions in desktop and mobile web environments.”

C3 Metrics provides top advertisers independent measurement across all TV + digital advertising channels to deliver the greatest impact for the next advertising dollar spent.