Cablevision adds HBO GO and MAX GO to online service


Cablevision is expanding the offerings of its iO TV service with an agreement to give customers access to HBO’s authenticated online video destinations, HBO GO and MAX GO. Cablevision customers who subscribe to HBO and/or Cinemax will have free, unlimited access to the corresponding online services at any time.

HBO GO and MAX GO will be accessible to Cablevision subscribers on any computer in the US with a high-speed Internet connection as well as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and select Android devices.  The MSO said it expects to launch these services in the next few months.

“Given the success and popularity of our own Optimum App, we know our customers want the flexibility to watch the programming they receive as part of their cable television service in new ways, on a variety of devices, so we are very pleased to have reached agreement to offer HBO GO and MAX GO to our digital cable customers,” said John Trierweiler, executive vice president of product management. “With the Optimum App and other TV Everywhere agreements, Cablevision is leading the way in empowering customers to watch what they want, when and where they want it, on an expanding array of television platforms.”

“Cablevision shares an appreciation for TV Everywhere and therefore recognizes the incredible value HBO GO adds to the HBO subscription,” said Eric Kessler Co-President of HBO.  “With the addition of their iO TV customers, HBO GO will now be available to 98% of HBO subscribers.”

HBO GO, which offers more than 1400 titles online, allows Cablevision’s authenticated HBO customers to instantly watch every episode of every season of the best HBO shows including current series, plus HBO original films, miniseries, sports, documentaries, and specials as well as a wide selection of blockbuster theatricals.             

HBO’s sister service, MAX GO, adds more than 400 titles of Cinemax programming online, providing instant access to hundreds of Hollywood hit movies, indies, cult favorites, the MAX After Dark series as well as new and exclusive, primetime high-impact drama series specifically created for the channel.