Cablevision Systems launches Optimum Select RFI


More interactive television options for viewers and advertisers: Cablevision Systems announced the successful launch of Optimum Select RFI with email fulfillment from a live 30-second spot for consumers to engage directly with local, regional and national brands. The new capability allows viewers to opt-in and engage directly with advertisers through a few clicks of the remote to request more info via email from a 30-second spot. Optimum Select is accessible to Cablevision’s nearly three million iO TV digital customers with an interactive digital set-top box.

ICE Enterprise utilized their Voyage Travel Rewards brand to launch the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line promotion, which ran for two weeks across Cablevision’s New York metro service area. Lincoln, Benjamin Moore and Adirondack Regional Tourism have plans to begin RFI to email campaigns shortly. 

The campaign consisted of a “two for the price of one” vacation offer from Royal Caribbean, promoted through 30-second television spots, enabling consumers to request more information about purchasing the vacation package and joining the travel rewards program.  The spots included an Optimum Select overlay prompting the viewer to press the “select” button on their remote to receive additional information.  The program in progress is minimized in the corner screen while the viewer is given the option to click to request.  After an opt-in and verification of their personal info, the viewer selects “submit” to complete the email submission.

John Rowley, Chairman & CEO of ICE Enterprise, said the campaign generated a total of 3,000 unique email leads over a two week period.  The offer redemption rates were at 24% — more than double the industry average for conventional email campaigns.