Cadillac launches creative review


GM is looking for a new creative agency for Cadillac. Media, via Starcom MediaVest Group is not part of the review.

“As we continue the renaissance of the Cadillac brand, we are looking for the best agency partner to deliver outstanding advertising that attracts the luxury-vehicle buyer,” Bryan Nesbitt, general manager of Cadillac, said in a statement. “Modernista, our current agency partner, has elected not to participate.”

GM hired Boston-based Modernista as Cadillac’s advertising agency in the summer of 2006. This also ends a nine year relationship between Modernsita! and GM, according to the agency. Cadillac is using Ark Advisors to help find a new agency.

Cadillac spent $238 million on ads last year and $74 million through the first seven months of 2009, according to Nielsen.

In addition to launching the Hummer brand, Modernsita! launched the new CTS, bringing the median age of the brand down from the low 70’s to the mid 50’s, the agency was quoted as saying.