Cameras in SCOTUS back on the drawing board


U.S. Supreme CourtThe fact that reporters need some form of drawing board to provide artwork associated with a Supreme Court proceeding has caused members of both parties on Capitol Hill to try once again to get cameras into the court room.

Charles Grassley (R-IA), who is the likely new Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is perfectly positioned to force cameras into the Court, and is so disposed.

He is joined, according to an article in The Hill, buy Rep.Gerry Connolly (D-VA).

The issue has frequently received fairly widespread bipartisan support in recent years but has consistently failed to make it all the way to the Oval Office for one reason of another.

The Hill notes that many Court nominees state they have no problem with cameras during confirmation hearings, only to discover a distaste for them upon assuming their place on the bench.

Justices fear that lawyers and even members of their own august group will play to the cameras; or clips will be played in the media without proper context; or that it will damage their ability to play devil’s advocate during arguments without confusing the public.

Connelly says it’s nevertheless time to bring the Court into the 21st Century. He notes that if the Court arguments are true, then CSPAN should be forced to shut down.

RBR-TVBR observation: We propose the introduction of the “Choose One Technology Era or Another Act.” If the Justices are going to force members of the journalism community to ply their trade with tools from the quill and inkwell era, then they can abide by that level of technology for everything else.

We note that there are an abundance of squirrels and pigeons that live near the Court – no doubt the Justices will enjoy taking their front-loader muskets out there when they scrounge around for lunch. We would strongly urge American citizens to avoid this area during mealtimes.

The Justices will of course need to fetch their own drinking water – this will be good news for environmental groups with business before the Court, because it will likely motivate the Justices to do whatever they can to assure a more appealing supply of H2O than is currently available from either the Potomac or Anacostia Rivers.

Finally, the Justices will be afforded the finest quality outhouses that 18th Century technology was able to provide, with an ample supply of used corn cobs to see to their hygiene needs.

Or, allow the damn cameras in the Court! Your Honors, the choice is yours.