Campaign points to “dire state” of America's education system


To draw attention to America’s “sub-par” education system, Strong American Schools launched a campaign of television, radio, print and online ads. The new campaign, “One Nation Left Behind,” will be running in 16 markets in seven states including: Colorado, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, New Mexico, Virginia and Wisconsin, with a total expenditure of more than $5 million. Ads are also expected to run later this summer in Minnesota. Actress and children’s book author Jamie Lee Curtis provides the voice of the ads that speak to Americans about the ominous state of America’s public education system and urges them to become advocates for improving the country’s schools.

"I believe that every child deserves an education which helps them reach their full potential," said Jamie Lee Curtis, who provides the voiceover for Strong American Schools’ new ad campaign. "Unfortunately, America’s current public education system is failing to give our students the skills they need to succeed in today’s global economy…This foundation includes strong schools and a world-class education to help them succeed. I urge our nation’s leaders to make education reform a priority."

"Strong American Schools’ new ad, One Nation Left Behind, underscores the harsh reality that America has slipped to the middle of the pack," said Marc Lampkin, executive director of Strong American Schools. "Currently American students are being left behind when compared to their international peers. Recent tests show that, out of 30 industrialized nations, 24 countries outperformed American students in math and 20 outperformed American students in science. America’s leaders need to address this issue with fervor and make investing in students a national priority."