Campbell outlines product plans for Russia, China


Campbell Soup Company outlined its entry strategy and product plans for Russia and China, the world's two largest soup consumption markets. Campbell will introduce three varieties of "Campbell's Domashnaya Klassika" ("Campbell's Home Classics"): chicken, beef, and mushroom. Packaged in portable pouches that bear Campbell's signature red and white iconic branding, the broths initially will be rolled out in the Moscow region and will be available in stores in October.

"Campbell's Domashnaya Klassika" is designed to allow Russian consumers to prepare their favorite homemade recipes and save them up to an hour of prep time. Bridgetown Foods, a leading baked snacks manufacturer, will distribute the products.

In China, Campbell will introduce two varieties of broth under the "Campbell's" "Swanson" brand: a clear chicken broth and a classic "superior" broth (known as Gao Tang in China) made up of a combination of chicken, Hainan ham, and pork. Both broths are designed for use in a wide range of Chinese cooking. Campbell has been successfully selling "Swanson" broth in Hong Kong for more than 20 years.

Swire Beverages, Coca-Cola's largest bottling partner in China, will distribute the products. Campbell will launch comprehensive marketing plans in each market to support these new broths, including broadcast, print, and Internet, as well as in-store promotions and sampling programs. To educate consumers about how to use the broths in meal preparation and the products' benefits, Campbell plans to deliver 1.7 million samples and recipe booklets in the Moscow region and approximately 10 million samples and recipe booklets in China.