Campbell planning new marketing for soups


Campbell Soup Company announced a comprehensive plan to boost the performance of its condensed soup portfolio in the US, a business that generated more than $1 billion in net sales in fiscal 2009. Campbell plans to enhance more than 60% of its condensed line with product improvements, further sodium reduction, more contemporary packaging, improved shelving systems and new marketing to support.

In fiscal 2011, Campbell plans:

•Expanded Healthy Offerings. Campbell plans to expand its sodium reduction program and to reduce the sodium content in 23 of its condensed soups by up to 45 percent. Every major condensed variety will either be reduced in sodium or be available in a lower sodium option. Additionally, Campbell will improve the flavor in all 26 varieties of its chicken soups and use a specially roasted chicken meat.

•More Contemporary Appeal. Campbell will update the labels of its popular condensed soups with a more contemporary design and new photography that will highlight the soup’s appearance and appeal. The familiar red and white colors will remain, but changes to other visual elements will evoke a new and different way for consumers to think about “Campbell’s” condensed soup.

•Improved Shopping Experience. Campbell plans to redesign its gravity-fed shelving system, installed at 24,000 retailers nationally. The new configuration will include improved navigation, color coding, more striking graphics and a new layout across four key eating and cooking consumer-focused segments: Classic Favorites, Taste Sensations, Healthy & Delicious and Healthy Kids.

•New Marketing within Simple Meals. Campbell has new advertising in development to position soup and dishes made with soup as a simple meal. The new campaign will highlight the fact that soups are an affordable, tasty and nourishing alternative versus several other popular simple meals. The company also intends to better leverage its scale in its U.S. soup marketing efforts and is developing an overarching ad campaign designed to create stronger linkage across its soup brands.

Campbell will promote the fact that the vegetables in “Campbell’s” condensed soup are grown on American farms, including carrots, celery, potatoes and tomatoes. The company will continue to highlight its relationships with American family farmers that date back several generations.

The new and improved soups will be available at retail in August.