Can Radio Win The Revenue Vote?


The stakes couldn’t be higher or the battle more intense or divisive.

And the potential revenue windfall couldn’t be greater. It’s countdown to the 2020 election, and the ad stakes for radio and all media are high.

But if this, as some believe, is the “year of the Hispanic voter,” there could be especially big potential for Hispanic radio.

You know the numbers —

Hispanics will be the largest racial or ethnic minority group in the electorate, accounting for just over 13 percent of eligible voters — slightly more than African Americans.

At 28 years, the median age of Hispanics is nearly a full decade younger than that of the U.S. overall.

If the U.S. Latino GDP were considered an economy of its own, it would be the seventh-largest in the world.

By sheer numbers alone, it is increasingly imperative that office seekers get out the vote in Latino and Hispanic communities across the country.

But do you know how to make those facts and figures work for you?

The Hispanic Radio Conference is pleased to present a session that will dive into the details, prep you on the prospects, and share how to best take advantage of the opportunities for maximizing the potential windfall the 2020 election could offer.

Get ready to take notes, ask questions, and go away informed. It’s led by Roger Rafson, SVP of political/issue advocacy and strategic alliances for Gen Media Partners, and you’ll hear from experts engaged in all aspects of political advertising and analyses.


Roger Rafson — VP political/issue advocacy and strategic alliances at Gen Media Partners


  • Jason Bailey — President and founder of Sun Broadcast Group
  • Tucker Flood — President of Eastman Radio
  • Dr. Mark Fratrik — SVP and Chief Economist at BIA Advisory Services
  • Patrick Quinn — Founder/CEO of PQ Media Inc.