Can TiVo predict “American Idol”?


TiVo has been tracking minute-by-minute time-shifted viewership of “American Idol” and found that viewers rewind to watch their favorites again, but fast-forward through performances by their least favorites. Based on its data, TiVo went out on a limb yesterday and predicted that Syesha Mercado would be sent packing on the Fox broadcast last night.

Was that prediction accurate? If you aren’t an ardent Idol fan, you can no doubt Google to find out.
“David Archuleta ranked in the highest audience numbers during his performance. Syesha Mercado was the lowest on the totem pole this week, with the fewest viewers sticking around for her performance. For the past 4 weeks running, the person with the lowest viewership as recorded by TiVo subscribers has been voted to go home,” TiVo said in its prediction, which was sent out to the media after the voting had closed, but before the program aired with the results.

RBR/TVBR observation:
OK, we admit we are not in the target demo for Idol, so our opinion about the relative talent of the contestants isn’t likely to count for anything. However, for our Bradenton, FL office Syesha is the hometown girl from adjacent Sarasota, so we were hoping for TiVo to be wrong.