Canada calms down its TV commercials


People watching TVUS broadcasters are getting ready to follow the dictates of the CALM Act, which will attempt to bring the volume of commercials to par with the programming they are embedded in. Canada has a similar new program, and it kicks off in a matter of days.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)is set to start enforcing the new rules beginning 9/1/12, according to a Yahoo report.

Stated CRTC Chair Jean-Pierre Blais, “Starting on September 1, Canadians will be able to enjoy their favourite television programs without having to adjust the volume during commercial breaks. We appreciate the efforts undertaken by the broadcasting industry to conform to the new standard and ensure that programs and commercials are transmitted at a similar volume.”
Viewers were advised that loudness is a subjective matter and that individual opinions may differ when exposed to the same programming. Further, perceptions may be skewed by the relationship of commercials to surrouning programming and many other factors.

If consumers have a complaint, they are advised to contact the broadcaster first, and the CRTC second.

CRTC acknowledged that the US is adopting similar standards at the end of the year, and warned Canadians who can pick up US channels that they may be exposed to loud commercials on them until then