CANNY Inc. expands Idaho Falls/Pocatello DMA offering


Cable / SatelliteDan Viles, CANNY Inc. GM, tells us they feel that with streaming and the huge number of networks available that even smaller rural cable systems need to step up their ad insertion game. “We started with 8 nets a year ago, as of today we are at 20, see new list. With the splintering of audience due to streaming video and the hit shows all over different nets, we feel this is a client friendly move on all fronts.” The new nets are as follows:

1) A & E

2) History

3) Discovery

4) Game

5) ESPN 2

6) ABC Family


8 )Comedy

9) AMC

10) Fox Sports One

11) Food

12) FX

Dan Viles is the GM of:


Cable Ad Net New York, Inc. (CANNY)

Cable Ad Net Ohio

Cable Ad Net PA

Cable Ad Net ID / WY

CANNY TV Productions