Canoe Ventures unveils program to accelerate advanced TV services


Canoe Ventures, the JV founded by the country’s leading cable operators, is issuing an open call to companies wishing to participate in shaping tomorrow’s advanced television services through the newly formed Collaborative Innovation Program (CIP). The goal is to expand Canoe’s relationships across the television ecosystem to drive forward on several ITV fronts, including RFI and T-Commerce.

Participants will join Innovation Lab participants to identify and evaluate new market, business and product opportunities in the areas of Interactive Television, VOD and Addressable Advertising. Canoe’s Innovation Lab, now under the CIP umbrella, was formed earlier this year to explore product and technical opportunities that can better connect television viewers with networks and marketers through innovative next-generation TV services.

Joining CIP to specifically explore RFI and T-Commerce opportunities are: Catalina Marketing; Delivery Agent; FourthWall Media; icueTV; and PayPal.

“This is a call to action for the entire marketplace: We are open and committed to working with others who can help bring the promise of advanced television to life for networks, marketers, agencies and consumers alike,” said Kathy Timko, COO of Canoe Ventures.