Car companies missing the boat


Here’s some feedback on the need for the Detroit automakers to reallocate their ad budgets:

It’s been years since the Big 3 automakers have spent a decent amount on radio.
When was the last time you heard a Pontiac ad on the radio?
What is Pontiac’s current slogan?
What’s Buick’s current slogan?
The ad agencies hired by Detroit are all TV hogs.  Radio is just a bother that they might buy if one of the auto execs brings it up.
Few, if any, TV auto or truck ads stand out.  The trucks are all pulling a locomotive or driving through the mud. The cars are all racing down a mountain and they all look the same.
Hoping that the auto industry looks at radio next year because "of its cost" is the same, old, tired approach that the RAB has been holding on to for decades. Instead of cost, make radio’s mass local appeal and cumulative power, nationwide, the focal point of the pitch for automakers to use radio, extensively, for all brands.

Reach buyers while they drive.
Rick Charles
WRJC, Inc.
Mauston, WI