The Auto: Where Americans Consume Audio Content


We know that the car is the No. 1 place where radio stations are consumed. It turns out that it is the leading locale where all audio content is consumed, new data from Edison Research find. Meanwhile, the percentage of audio consumption attributed to a soon-to-be-combined SiriusXM and Pandora was offered — and it is significant.

In any given day, nearly everyone in the U.S. will consume at least some audio, and on average, people aged 13 and older spend four hours per day listening to music, news, personalities and sports.

That’s according to Edison’s Share of Ear study, which notes the location of all this listening —  and the location that people are most likely to consume audio — is in the car.

Some 70% of Americans ages 13 and older listen to audio in a car each day — higher even than the portion who listen to audio at home.

Meanwhile, the combination of SiriusXM and Pandora raises the question of what kind of share this combo will own in the total audio landscape in the United States.

According to the latest Share of Ear data from Edison Research, a SiriusXM-Pandora combination would get a 12% share of the total time spent with audio in the U.S. among persons 13+.