launches campaign to help workers “Start Building”

0 is returning to the Super Bowl ad lineup for the fourth consecutive year with two 30-second spots and is offering a sneak peek into a bigger, bolder creative campaign. With spots appearing in the second and third quarters of the big game, will kick off a fully-integrated, national campaign valued at over 250 million, which encompasses everything from the national airwaves to "unhappy hours."

In the past,’s ads have humorously depicted dysfunctions in the workplace, from unruly chimpanzee co-workers to a wild office jungle, and offered the solace of "a better job awaits" at The new campaign developed by Wieden+Kennedy targets the disgruntled worker who is stuck in a career funk, and gives that worker a firm but encouraging kick in the pants. If you’re not happy, move on and start building your career. continues to build on its own marketing campaign, investing in a blend of multi-media, national and grass roots outreach to engage viewers in the brand.’s national marketing program features high profile events such as the Super Bowl; primetime network and cable television flights; as well as online advertising, local print and sports sponsorships.