Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s launch digital “Comfort Place”


Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are offering some comfort food for grown-ups. Grilled Cheese Bacon Burgers, launched at Carl’s Jr. in late January, feature all of the taste and comfort of those “youthful” grilled cheese sandwiches, but with the addition of a charbroiled burger and bacon. The Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger has also been introduced into sister-chain Hardee’s markets this week.

To extend the comforting goodness of the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burgers, both Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are embarking on a digital campaign to provide even more solace to their customers, especially their core fans of “Young, Hungry guys.” Visitors to the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Facebook pages can visit the new interactive application designed to provide a bit of comfort when they need it the most.

Fans can choose to comfort themselves or a friend when activating “The Comfort Place,” an app which will post comforting messages to the designated Facebook wall for a 24-hour period. Comfort comes in the form of cheesy songs (“Love Sandwich”), words of wisdom and motivational pep talks (“You smell incredible right now. Just incredible.”), audio sound bytes (sounds of bacon sizzling), soothing photos (frolicking kittens) and humorous videos (levitating “Burguru”).

Commercials supporting the Grilled Cheese Bacon Thickburger will begin airing in Hardee’s markets on 3/1. The ads were created by Mendelsohn|Zien LA. They can be viewed on both brands’ YouTube channels ( and

RBR-TVBR observation: Interesting that things are so bad out there that an entire campaign has been designed around comforting folks with comfort food. Don’t get us wrong—it will probably be effective, but perhaps a plastic-sealed valium in an adult kids’ meal will be next?