Carolina noncom picks up Epperson station


SoldWhen true radio professionals think Epperson they think more than the family’s long-time connection to Salem Communications – they also think  of the family’s smaller group holdings. Now one of those latter stations is being sold.

Nancy A. Epperson is the particular Epperson involved in the immediate deal, and the group is Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corporation.

The station is WPJF-AM Greenville SC, a Class D on 1260 kHz with 5 kW-D and a nominal 15 W-N.

The buyer, headed by Javier Fernandez, is Iglesia Nueva Vida of High Point. While Chesapeake-Portsmouth filed the deal as a commercial operation, Iglesia noted it was noncommercial.

The price is listed at $200K. The buyer is putting down a $20,955.56 deposit and beginning three months after closing will pay $5,277.78 monthly for 34 consecutive months. An LMA began 4/1/12, and also carries the same monthly payment.

Iglesia has two AMs in the Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point area, and one in the Charlotte area in the Carolina to the north of the one WPJF inhabits.