Cars continue to be driven off dealership lots


Kelley Blue BookThe rebound of the automobile industry has been one of the key factors in the return to health of broadcasters, and Kelley Blue Book says that April results are keeping the pace necessary for a 15 million unit year.

KBB said the results keep alive a six month streak sustaining the pace necessary to support the optimistic predictions for year-end results that have been coming in.

Light vehicle sales are expected to hit the 1.3 million unit threshold by the end of the month, which would translate into an 11.4% YOY gain.

Low interest rates, increasing availability of credit and premium value placed on trade-ins are all fueling the resurgence in sales. New vehicle designs are also said to be having a positive effect.

“Ford is poised to post significant gains, with an increase of 15.3 percent because of strong demand for the Fusion and Focus, both of which improved sales by more than 20 percent in the first quarter,” said Alec Gutierrez , senior market analyst of automotive insights for Kelley Blue Book . “Consumer demand for new vehicles is strong, which is evident in the strength of the retail market.”

Here are April estimates by manufacturer:

Make 4/2013 units % Chng
GM 239,000 12.0%
Ford 208,000 15.3%
Toyota 192,000 7.8%
Chrysler 158,000 11.9%
American Honda 130,000 6.5%
Hyundai/Kia 109,000 -0.7%
Nissan NA 88,000 23.4%
Volkswagen 56,000 13.7%
Total 1,320,000 11.4%
Source: Kelley Blue Book  

And by vehicle class:

Vehicle type 4/2013 units $ chng
Mid-sized car 240,240 8.5%
Compact car 191,400 12.1%
Compact crossover 157,034 22.5%
Full-size pickup 154,759 26.3%
Subcompact car 55,440 8.0%
Total 1,320,000 11.4%
Source: Kelley Blue Book  

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