Cart and carry deal along the Mason-Dixon Line


Non-commercial isn’t just buying WROG-FM Cumberland MD; it’s going to move it a good 50-60 miles to the Northeast, and across the state line into Pennsylvania – to Chambersburg, to be exact. Seller Broadcast Communications Inc. will get $875K cash for its part, and will be allowed a charitable donation tax benefit for any appraised fair market value above that amount. The station, currently silent and licensed as a Class B on 102.9 MHz, will drop to Class A on 93.3 MHz. WITF Inc. is responsible for WITF-FM in the state capital of Harrisburg, and it will also apply for a main studio waiver to bring its flagship Classical/News format down to Chambersburg, which is part of the Hagerstown MD-Chambersburg-Waynesboro PA Arbitron market.