Casey Kasem’s children reject settlement offer


Casey-KasemCasey’s three children from a previous marriage have rejected a settlement offer proposed by Casey’s wife, Jean. Casey is bedridden with advanced Parkinson’s and the early onset of dementia.  Sources connected to the case told TMZ: “Jean asked the kids if they would drop their lawsuit for a conservatorship if she would do the following:

— Give the kids the right to visit their dad, with strings attached.  Each child would have separate visits every 3rd Sunday for 1 hour.  A security guard would be in the general vicinity during the visits.  The children have to give 72 hours’ notice before each visit.

— The kids could also visit during Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas week, Easter Week and his birthday.

— If Casey is hospitalized, the kids will all be notified.  It doesn’t provide they can visit him in the hospital.”

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