Casey Kasem’s daughter granted visitations


Casey-KasemKerri Kasem, daughter of ailing countdown king Casey Kasem was granted regular visits with him 5/30 after raising concerns about his care. The ruling by Kitsap County Judge Jennifer Forbes in Washington state is the latest news in the ongoing dispute between Kasem’s wife Jean and her stepdaughter, Kerri.

Jean has been in control of his medical care and has controlled access to him, blocking three of his children from seeing him in recent months, according to court filings.

She was recently served with a California court order that temporarily suspended her powers to determine his medical treatment and expanded Kerri Kasem’s authority to determine whether her father is receiving adequate care.

In court on 5/30, Kerri said her father was suffering from bedsores along with lung and bladder infections. Judge Forbes said Kerri will be allowed daily visits for up to an hour and can have her father examined by a doctor. After lawyers for Jean Kasem raised concerns about pictures of Casey being given to the media, the judge told Kerri that any images from her visits could not be distributed beyond herself or her lawyer.

Forbes also ruled that Casey Kasem must stay in Washington state unless some sort of deal is struck to return him to California, and that Kerri Kasem could bring a witness to her visits with her father, said an AP/Canadian Press story.

“I actually would like to have somebody in there,” she said. “I have been accused of things I haven’t done. It’s for my protection.”

From CNN: “….She then played an audio recording of what sounded like a groaning man, saying the moaning came from her husband when he heard about Friday’s court activity…”He’s crying,” Jean Kasem said.

When Kerri Kasem showed up for her one-hour visit Friday evening, she and a companion were met by two security guards with motorcycles in the driveway, KING reported. One man’s motorcycle vest said “Combat Veterans” on the back. There was a brief disagreement over whether Kerri Kasem’s male companion would be allowed onto the house’s premises, but the guard eventually admitted both of them, according to the news outlet. One hour later, Kasem wiped away tears as she left the house. She made no comment to reporters.”

Forbes scheduled another hearing for 6/6.

Earlier this month, a judge in LA expressed concerns about Casey’s whereabouts and safety after an attorney for his wife said he did not know where he was. The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office tracked him down the next day at a family friend’s house and said appropriate medical care was being provided.

See the AP/Canadian Press story here.