Casinos battling it out in Ohio


MyOhioNow managed to get a ballot initiative on to the slate of issues to be determined by Ohio voters this year. Issue 6 would establish a new resort/casino in Clinton County, which proponents say would provide 10K jobs to Ohio citizens and generate untold millions in tax revenue.

It would also siphon business directly away from a casino in Lawrenceburg IN, which draws clientele from the Cincinnati and Dayton markets. With that in mind, Penn National/Argosy Casino has pumped an alleged $40M into a wide variety of media including radio and television urging voters to vote no.

MyOhioNow thinks that PN/AC has gone over the line in terms of truthfulness, and it appears that the Ohio Election Commission agrees. OEC is said to have found “probable cause of false statements on advertisements made on behalf of the Penn National/Argosy Casino.” MyOhioNow hopes that news of the probably cause finding will be enough to counteract the affects of the advertising and induce Ohioans to vote yes.

RBR/TVBR observation: That is the problem with challenges to political advertising. By the time the sluggish arbitration machinery has a chance to act, the damage may well have been done. We take no position on Issue 6. But we wish MyOhioNow luck in overcoming the PN/AC campaign, if it indeed went over the line – they’ll need it.