Category inventor CNN comes in #4 primetime


CNN invented the 24-hour cable news channel. Now it is looking up at three others that are pulling in a greater number of viewers 25-54 during primetime hours. Fox News Channel is #1 by a wide margin, followed by MSNBC. CNN was edged out for #3 by its own sister Headlines News. In other measures, it did better.

For example, in total primetime viewers it was third, ahead of HLN.

When it comes to full day 25-54 ratings, the ranking was FNC, HLN, CNN and MSNBC in that order.

RBR-TVBR observation: FNC is gaining strength as its feud with the White House plays out. Our advice to the competition – pick your own fight with the White House or with some other high profile entity that can raise your network profile. Well, we suppose MSNBC has been doing that – with FNC.

From a programming content perspective – nothing has changed in years at CNN from their content presentation, marketing, and even some personalities have aged and not gracefully. Programming needs an overhaul.