Could This Be The Most Important Sell You’ll Ever Make?

Radio can sell groceries, cell phones, cars and furniture, but can it sell itself? The radio industry often complains that agencies are out of touch. Is this true, or does the radio industry fail to make the most important first sale — selling itself to the agency? The answer may come at the Hispanic Radio Conference in Fort Lauderdale.
Pile of Money

Can’t Stop The Bleeding

It was another difficult session for Cumulus Media on Monday, while Spanish Broadcasting System shares continued their swoon

Spring Nielsen Audio reports: Twice a year diaries 12+

With all the excitement over the 13x per year 6+ PPM Reports, Nielsen tracks markets all the way to

Radio Ratings from Detroit to Denver

This trip will not follow any geographical parameters

Live Moments, Immediately Available For Syndication

A system that allows host broadcasters to capture live moments and make them immediately available is now available

Univision Radio Re-Ups Ratings Deal

The new pact allows Univision radio station to continue using Nielsen PPM and diary data in all markets.
CBC Radio

CBC refuses ads criticizing government takeover

The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) has refused to air an ad produced by watchdog group Friends of Canadian Broadcasting which challenges the government’s takeover...

A Broker’s Guide To LMAs

Are you or your company contemplating a Local Marketing Agreement (LMA)? Here’s some advice for your broker.
Taco Bell

Bong! A Big Bell Rings At Cable TV

It's another big week for QSRs at cable TV. While Burger King fell to No. 4 from No. 2, a competitor zoomed from No. 16 to No. 5 in the latest Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten report. What other brands are actively using spot cable? Click here now to get the answers!
Erwin Krasnow

Breaking Apart the Purchase Price: A Taxing Endeavor

When RBR+TVBR reports on a broadcast transaction, we report the full value of the sale. When the IRS looks at it, it sees a variety of assets, many of which are treated differently for tax purposes. As attorney Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer explains, the way the total is broken down is important.
Emmis Communications

Another Big Move For Emmis On Wall Street

Emmis Communications has emerged as one of the radio industry's stars on Wall Street. It's gone nowhere but up since the start of 2018, and after some recent profit-taking resumed its climb in value in Thursday's trading. Could a new three-year high be on the way?

Nielsen, Simulmedia look at future of video ads

Last year, Nielsen and Simulmedia brought together a core group of researchers, marketers and
Ajit Pai

FCC Commissioner looks to speed up FCC

Republican Ajit Pai, the newest FCC Commissioner, believes the communications sector can be a job generator if the FCC will get out of its...

GEICO TV Jumps to the Top

In last week’s Media Monitors TV Spot Ten, GEICO leapt from #16 to #1 with 20,522 spots
Colleen Brown

Plaza sale and political made Q4 numbers complicated at Fisher

Q4 revenues were down 19% to $46.4 million for Fisher Communications, largely due to the lack of political advertising. But the company reported a huge increase in net income due to closing the sale of Fisher Plaza.

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