Lines Drawn Again In D.C. As ‘Modern Television Act’ Arises

Bipartisan legislation was introduced in the House of Representatives on Thursday that would repeal "outdated regulations of the 1992 Cable Act." The NAB has made it clear it does not want any such action to occur. Pro-MVPD groups hailed the proposed act.

MMTC Cheers Introduction Of ‘Expanding Broadcast Opportunities Act’

Six Members of Congress are being hailed by the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC) for their introduction on Thursday of legislation that is designed to revive the FCC's Tax Certificate Policy.

The Bleeding Continues On Wall Street For Comscore

How much lower will Comscore shares go? The company's Q2 earnings are expected by August 12, and by then the audience measurement company's stock could be a fraction of what it was worth just five months ago. On Thursday, another steep dip was seen.

D.C.’s Biggest Lobbyists Take Sides In Latest Retrans Consent Wars

NAB head Gordon Smith on Tuesday assailed the nation's DBS providers -- DISH and DirecTV parent AT&T -- for "purposefully withholding broadcast signals from viewers." The pro-MVPD American Television Alliance responded that "broadcasters are in need of a history lesson."

An Ex-Cumulus Vet Opens A ‘Media Guidance’ Agency

From October 1998 until his August 2016 "retirement" from the radio industry, this individual was a key ad sales leader at Cumulus Media. He then went on to work under CEO Michael Dickey at magazine publisher Modern Luxury. Now, he's launched a "trusted media guidance" shop.

O’Rielly: U.S. People, Government Trust Local Broadcasters

On July 18-19, the Arkansas Broadcasters Association celebrated its 70th year as a trade association for broadcasters operating in the state. One of the keynote speakers was FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly, who shared with the friendly crowd what he's heard from broadcasters across the U.S.

CBS Viewers Across 56 DMAs: ‘Come Back Soon’

As expected, all CBS-owned TV stations on Saturday went dark on DirecTV, DirecTV NOW and U-Verse. This impacts 6.5 million paying subscribers, but the total number of Americans unable to easily view a local CBS station is even higher. Failed retransmission consent renewals are to blame.
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Broadcast Groups To FCC: EEO Paperwork Needs ‘Reallotment’

One month ago, the FCC issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking comment on how the Commission can make improvements to equal employment opportunity (EEO) compliance and enforcement. Late Thursday, no less than 82 broadcast groups submitted joint comments in response.

In Maps We Trust: City Change Allows iHeart To Reclaim An FM

To get FCC approval of its plan to emerge from Chapter 11, iHeartMedia agreed to divest two stations -- including one in Brunswick, Ga. A loss of its grandfathered status was to blame. Now, that Georgia FM is returning to iHeart. Here's how a clever move allows it.

A Last-Gasp Attempt To Thwart LRFA?

The Local Radio Freedom Act (LRFA) continues to gain support from both the House of Representatives and the Senate. As such, performance rights group musicFIRST is pleading its supporters to write to their Member of Congress "and keep their name off of LRFA." Why? Support is strong for the Act.

Netflix: Subscriber Growth Slowdown Slams Shares

Regardless of whether or not you run radio or television stations, the juggernaut that is Netflix is worthy of your attention. That's because your audience's attention has been directed more and more toward the home of such exclusive hits as "Stranger Things." How was its Q2? Not great.

DISH, Meredith Can’t Agree On New Retrans Deal

An additional 24 hours of negotiations couldn't prevent what DISH Network was forced to do, by law, at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday. With the flick of a switch, local TV stations owned by Meredith Corp. in 12 DMAs including Phoenix, Nashville and Atlanta were blocked by DISH. 
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Bi-Partisan House Members Seek End To Nexstar-AT&T Stalemate

The Republican party's "enforcer" in the House of Representatives and a California Democrat have come together to jump into the fracas between AT&T-owned DirecTV and U-Verse and the broadcast TV company that hopes to soon complete its merger with Tribune Media — Nexstar.

Update: LPFM Coalition Slams FCC For FM Static Complaint Squelch

The LPFM Coalition is lashing out at the FCC for threatening to remove the individual right to complain about interference on the FM band. It's in response to MB Docket No. 18-119  — a 15-month-old docket pertaining to FM translator interference. Here's our updated report.

Another Distressing Wall Street Slide For Comscore

The losses on Nasdaq just can't stop for audience measurement company Comscore. On July 1, SCOR had fallen to $5.38. With Tuesday's close, Comscore stock is now $4.30 -- even as a broadcast TV company inks an exclusive ratings agreement in the three DMAs it operates in.

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