It’s Official: Redstone Reunification Set For CBS, Viacom

At precisely 2:14pm Eastern, CBS Corp. confirmed what nearly everyone who follows the broadcast media industry already anticipated. CBS is combining with Viacom some 13 years and eight months after CBS spun-off from Viacom to create two separate companies.

Red Raiders Reach Takeover Plan For El Paso PBS Station

On Aug. 18, 1978, the El Paso DMA received its first locally based PBS member station. Roughly three years later, it shifted to Channel 13 on the dial. Now, just days before its 41st birthday, a merger of resources and programming with another PBS station is about to happen.

First TV, Now Radio: A Local Buying Platform From Hudson MX

Until now, a company that's been hiring in Atlanta and New York has been promoting software designed to help local TV attract advertising clients as digital media sucks away the dollars and business. Now, similar software is being pitched to local radio, and Entercom is on board.
Sirius XM

Sirius-ly OK Solicitation: Court Affirms Auto Dealer Data Deal

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has affirmed a lower court ruling that ruled the satellite radio service and owner of Pandora is perfectly allowed to use publicly available motor vehicle records to solicit potential subscribers. The implications are huge.

CBS, AT&T End Stalemate With A New Retrans Consent Deal

After nearly three weeks and much press attention, one of two protracted retransmission consent battles involving AT&T's television services platforms has ended. Full coverage for CBS has been restored across all DMAs. But, Nexstar-owned CBS stations remain dark.

Cumulus In Q2: A Tale Of Two Views

On a same-station basis, Cumulus Media's second quarter financial results don't look so bad. But, will more focus be placed on the as-reported overall results, considered the Wall Street standard? If so, Cumulus and its leader, Mary Berner, could be in for a bumpy ride.

Entercom’s Big Sink: EPS Miss By 11 Cents Despite Revenue Gain

For some, the biggest news from Entercom is the company's acquisition of podcast producer Pineapple Street and the outstanding shares of Cadence13, a podcast creator and distributor it has had a 45% stake in since August 2017. For Wall Street, disappointing Q2 results could be the bigger story. ETM finished down 36% to $3.36 on massive volume of 15.5 million shares.

Sinclair Q2: Strong EPS … And Higher Expenses

It's a new day for Sinclair Broadcast Group, which one year ago was grappling with the fact that it would not be merging with Tribune Media. Thanks to a strong Q2 performance, Sinclair is on solid footing for a bright future, with FOX RSNs set to boost profits.

Retrans Saves The Day For Nexstar In Q2

Investors appear to be somewhat wary of Nexstar's growth plan. Even with a largely positive Q2 earnings release, the company's shares are slumping on Wall Street. A lack of a retransmission consent pact with one of the two DBS providers is the likely reason.
Entravision Communications Corporation

Entravision Stock Slides On Queasy Q2 Report

For Hispanic media company Entravision, net revenue was down as the company swung to a net loss of more than $16 million. The company is blaming its revenue dip for "a trend" — a shift to self-service programmatic platforms. Investors sent EVC down 11% on Wednesday.

Cumulus Could Pay FCC For Consent Decree Fail

In January 2016, Cumulus Media and the FCC agreed to settle an investigation into whether the radio group violated the commission’s sponsorship ID rules. Now, the FCC says the company has violated the terms of a Consent Decree reached to civilly resolve the matter.

Retrans Woes Can’t Stop CBS, Nexstar From Vow Renewal

Dual duels have impacted viewers of CBS stations owned by CBS Corp. and by Nexstar Media Group in some 56 designated market areas. Now, in a show of unity that could further muddle their respective negotiations with AT&T, CBS and Nexstar are renewing their affiliation deals.

A Tale Of Tragedy, And A TV Station’s Bigger Loss

Another unspeakable tragedy sparked by a gunman unfolded early Sunday morning in the Oregon District of Dayton, Ohio, home to RBR+TVBR's publisher and key sales staff. While Cox Media Group's WHIO-7 did an outstanding job of covering the mass shooting, the efforts of a Nexstar station were diminished by its parent company's ongoing retransmission dispute with AT&T.

Marshall Plan: Congressional Help In A Fight Against A Giant

Four months ago, the TV company led by Pluria Marshall Jr. filed a lawsuit against an entity it acquired three stations from for what it says are this company's active efforts “to undermine” its TV trio. Now, one Congressman is acting on Marshall's behalf to thwart efforts he claims are threatening his business.

Can The ‘Expanding Broadcast Opportunities Act of 2019’ Win Votes?

Introducing H.R. 3957, the "Expanding Broadcast Opportunities Act of 2019." The bill, introduced this week by Louisiana Democratic Congressman G. K. Butterfield, would promote diversity of ownership in the broadcast industry by reestablishing the Minority Tax Certificate Program. Is the House on board?

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