New-Look Radio Show Gets Tech Savvy

The 2019 Radio Show not only has a snazzy new logo, but this year's confab will feature for the first time a one-day technology-intensive program offering educational sessions, hands-on workshops, networking events and focused vendor access.

A New Line Of Broadcast Cables Arrives From Remee

Remee Wire & Cable, a New York-based manufacturer of electronic wire and cable, has a new addition to its line of broadcast cables — a series of SMPTE 311 Hybrid Camera Cables. 

GatesAir’s CALA Sales Choice Is Yarahuan

Broadcast media wireless, over-the-air content delivery solution provider GatesAir has named a new Sales Director for the Caribbean and Latin American region. His experience includes several years in Mexico, working closely with giants TV Azteca and Televisa.

Multimedia Receivers Set To Ship From KENWOOD

The announcement signals a conclusion to the product delay caused by the well-documented industry-wide shortage of seven-inch panels, and enables KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon retailers to stock up in time for summer selling season.

Second Street: New Niche For Publishing Industry Entity

The company known for an audience engagement software platform used by broadcast media companies to run contests and interactive content has acquired a publishing industry company known for events dedicated to helping print media generate new ad dollars.

An AI-enabled Headphone Kit, For Google Home Users

As demand for wireless earbuds and headsets grows, so does the need for a platform that elevates the experiences of their users. An audio solution from Qualcomm "is designed to do just that," and it's designed expressly for Google Home users.

Ex-TV Meteorologist Secured As CP Sales Leader

For nearly 30 years, a man sharing the name of a former U.S. President was a familiar face to TV views in Salt Lake City and in Rochester, N.Y. Today, he's now leading North American sales for a company known for its live event production services.

‘The Best Multi-Platform Of The Year’ Award Goes To …

A SaaS platform established five years ago is reveling in its receipt of the "Best Multi-Platform of the Year" award at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The award was presented to a digital media platform helping content providers distribute and monetize content.

Boston Bureau Productions Shifts To LTN

LTN Global, known for its broadcast-quality IP video transport products, has become the exclusive IP transmission provider for Boston Bureau Productions (BBP). BBP operates more than 40 studios across the United States.

Wireless Earbuds: Available For All Starting Friday

Beats by Dre has emerged as a premium brand of consumer headphones, speakers and earphones. In fact, the product was so good Apple Inc. acquired it. Now, under Apple, what's being called the first "true" wireless earbuds from Beats are being released to retailers.

Hey, Alexa: ‘Habla Español Conmigo’

Owners of Spanish-language radio stations from coast to coast have been at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to smart speaker access en español. That is, until now. Amazon is testing what will eventually become its in-language user experience for U.S. Hispanics.

Tektronix On Board With JT-NM Testing of SMPTE 2110 Devices

Tektronix, Inc., known for its video test, monitoring and diagnostic solutions recently participated with the AIMS Alliance in the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) to help guide prospective purchasers of IP-based equipment with greater insight into how industry equipment aligns to SMPTE standards.

Triton Digital Integrates with Google Display & Video 360

The integration of Triton’s audio SSP and programmatic marketplace with Display & Video 360 creates what Triton calls "the industry’s largest transparent marketplace whereby audio inventory can be transacted at scale across the globe."

An Over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter, From MuxLab

MuxLab’s HDMI 2.0/ST2110 over IP Uncompressed Gateway Converter (model 500774) is being marketed for its ability to integrate standard AV equipment within commercial broadcast environments. Also being touted by MuxLab are "a host of useful features."

A ‘Mini’ Birthday Celebration At Inovonics

After 10 years, the family of products under the brand from Inovonics has grown to 20 distinct models and growth is set to continue. But, today, the company is toasting to 10 years of INOmini products, which are designed for radio broadcasting companies.

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