Boston’s First Podcast Studio Opens Tomorrow

A podcast studio opening in Boston aims to increase the professionalism in the industry.

Envision Invites Radio Stations To Gain ‘Influence’

If your radio station is looking for a new cloud-based CRM designed to streamline sales, traffic and production, all it may take is a little "influence." Envision is just the company to assist.

An Integration Partnership Arrives For Qligent and Artel

Qligent, a specialist in cloud-based, enterprise-level media monitoring and analysis, has finalized an integration partnership with Artel Video Systems designed to help broadcasters ease the transition to ATSC 3.0.

Why Pandora Thinks ‘Premium’ Can Grow 70% In Four Years

Now that Pandora has its long-awaited subscription-based on-demand platform, can it help the streaming audio company grow? What about iHeartRadio, or Spotify, or Tidal, or ... You get it, the market is crowded. Yet, Glenn Peoples, Pandora Media's Music Insights and Analytics chief, is convinced big growth is set to happen between now and 2021. Is he crazy, or is he right on the money?

Back At The Boardroom Table: Sirius XM and Pandora

According to numerous media reports, Sirius XM and Oakland, Calif.-based streaming audio company Pandora are once again talking. The key question is if Sirius XM is planning to make a significant investment in Pandora, or buy it outright.

Big Easy’s Jazz Station Gets Skilled On Alexa

A content delivery network and streaming media provider has added itself to the list of entities that wish to help broadcast stations bring radio back into the homes of today's connected audiences. The first station to work with the company: A fabled New Orleans noncomm that's the official station of the annual Jazz Fest.

A New Monitoring and Multiviewer Option Arrives

Looking for a new monitoring and multiviewer solution for your broadcast media operation? Germany's Rohde & Schwarz may have something of interest to you.

Veritone Shares Skyrocket Thanks To Jeffries Spotlight

Artificial intelligence as a tool for broadcast media's sales teams is gaining attention not only from the C-Suites of TV and radio companies, but from Wall Street. Thanks to some positive press and key partnerships, Veritone stock has dramatically soared in just the last five days. With company executives in Amsterdam for IBC2017, their return to the U.S. should be a giddy one. They can thank Dalet, Barron's, and financial house Jeffries.

AJA Recorders, Storage Cards Added To Bexel’s Offerings

The broadcast services company has added AJA Ki Pro Ultra Plus multichannel recorders and AJA Pak Media PAK1000 1 terabyte solid-state drives (SSDs) to its rental inventory. The products are designed to offer redundant high-quality recording and storage capabilities for all sizes of production and any type of workflow.

Rohde & Schwarz Gets An Important Dolby Seal Of Approval

R&S PRISMON, the software-based monitoring and multi-viewer solution from Munich-based Rohde & Schwarz, has passed all Dolby Laboratories certification tests. It's a big win for R&S, as Dolby is a leading manufacturer of audio codecs.

Nexstar’s Next Step In The Digital Ad Tech Realm

In May 2017, Nexstar Media Group officially christened a newly created position at the broadcast TV company by announcing the hiring of a "proven ad technology and business strategy" executive. Today, Anthony Katsur is riding high as Nexstar's SVP/Platforms. He spoke with RBR+TVBR's Weekly Tech Update on his efforts to bring small and mid-sized media publishers and businesses ways to maximize revenue across every available channel.

Behind An Italian Acquisition Of BE

As first reported by RBR+TVBR on Dec. 20, a major provider​ ​of​ ​FM​ ​and​ ​AM​ ​transmitters​ ​in business since 1959 — and a 40-year player in the transmitter sales arena — has been acquired by a global manufacturer of FM transmitters based in Ferrara, Italy. ​​Elenos is now the owner of Broadcast​ ​Electronics​ ​(BE)​. In an attempt to try to answer some of the many questions about the deal, BE Director of U.S. Sales and Marketing Jeff Wilson spoke with Elenos Group President Leonardo Busi and BE President/CEO Tom Beck.

A Duplex IP/ASI Video Gateway With SRT Protocol Arrives

D2D Technologies has brought to market the D2Flex 3000, the latest full duplex IP/ASI Video Gateway that features the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for reliable transmission of high quality video with low latency across the public internet.

Can A Big Smart Speaker Buyer Boost Help Radio?

Data-driven media marketing, programming and content intelligence provider NuVoodoo Media Services certainly thinks so. Its latest NuVoodoo Ratings Prospects Study reveals a sharp rise in smart speaker ownership since August 2017. What does this mean for AM and FM stations with streaming audio? NuVoodoo found that 48% of likely PPM participants now own a smart speaker.

GatesAir Adds Block With Another ‘Repack’ Pact

GatesAir will demonstrate its over-the-air content delivery solutions for next-generation TV networks at the 2018 NAB Show, including its IP-native Maxiva transmitters and exciters. Additionally, the company has won another repack deal.

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