Entercom’s Q1: Digital Growth Overshadowed by Spot Scraps

Entercom's high profile New York stations are based just 30 minutes north, by foot, of the NYSE. As such, the company likely has an outsized role in determining the importance of audio advertising to media buyers and planners. The company's Q1 2020 earnings call proved that Entercom's online assets are winners. The AMs and FMs? A challenge persists, and analysts are concerned.

A New 8K Camera from Hitachi Kokusai

The SK-UHD8060B combines the features of previous Hitachi 8K models with an organic photoconductive CMOS image sensor to capture 8K video with expanded dynamic range.

RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast: Lou McDermott

What's the current state of transactions, from his perspective? How are Kalil's brokers making up for the inability to meet with prospective buyers and sellers at the cancelled 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas? Lou McDermott, the longtime Vice President at Tucson-based media brokerage Kalil & Co., answers these questions in more in the latest RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast. LISTEN HERE

RBR+TVBR’s Open House Is Over. Our Special Offer Will Now Conclude.

From April 27-May 1, first-ever full access to the Radio + Television Business Report and RBR.com was seen. Now, your last opportunity to take advantage of our special subscription offer has arrived. New RBR+TVBR Members have until the end of day to take advantage of this opportunity. Don't wait, secure your membership before it's too late!

COVID-19 Schools Graham, But Broadcast Rises In Q1

With a diverse revenue portfolio, Graham Holdings Co. in normal times can benefit from both advertising and tuition. But, times are far from normal. And, Graham has already been impacted. The good news: Its TV stations, which comprise Graham Media Group, held up strong through March 31. That's according to its parent company's just-released Q1 2020 earnings results.

Al Shuldiner Signs Off On Golden State FM Duo’s Deletion

To the west of Fresno is the small town of Firebaugh, Calif., home to a silent FM. Travel 67 miles south to Avenal, Calif., and you'll find the tower for another silent FM, a 920-watt facility. Both FM stations have now been ordered by Media Bureau Audio Division Chief Al Shuldiner to cease broadcast operations immediately. Here's why.

Media Bureau Says Goodbye To Engineering Division

There's an organization change in order at the FCC's Media Bureau. In a move made because the Commissioners believe it will serve the public interest, improve operations and streamline the Media Bureau's organization, a division within the Bureau is no more.

Soo Kim Snubbed As TEGNA Shareholders Go With Gold Card

At 8am today, the TEGNA annual shareholders' meeting got underway. The main event: A vote for the "GOLD" proxy card, or going with the "WHITE" proxy card — selecting a group of Board of Directors nominees hand-picked by dissident shareholder Standard General. By 8:30am, it was determined that Soo Kim's quest for a greater role has ended — at least for now.

RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast: Gideon Stein

As businesses start to reopen following weeks of restrictions designed to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, the need to share with consumers that they're open again has led many to Radio. But, are stations ready to write and produce ad copy? If not, Write Label may have a good solution, as we learn in this latest RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast from CEO Gideon Stein. LISTEN HERE

Could COVID-19 Reshape Music Streaming Services’ Share of Ear?

Since lockdown, some music streaming services have been reporting a drop in consumption on their platform. Huh? Indeed, that seems to be the case, and Futuresource Consulting says it is the result of "new confinement rules to fight COVID-19." Could increased consumption to radio stations, via AM or FM or via a smart speaker, app or laptop, play a role in this decline?

Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

Many of the positions at a radio station have now proven to be able to work successfully on a remote basis—definitely those in sales, if the right tools, processes, and procedures are in place. How realistic is it that more people will work from home once the pandemic concludes? Laurie Kahn of Media Staffing Network shares her thoughts in this Media Information Bureau article.

Standard General Head Accused Of ‘Short-Swing’ Stock Move

The tit-for-tat between TEGNA and Standard General has reached a fever pitch, with each group attempting to use the trade press to curry favor among shareholders ahead of Thursday's pivotal annual shareholders meeting. Now, Standard General's head is being accused of improper trading of TEGNA stock. It's a new wrinkle in an escalating battle for the TV station owner.

RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast: Mike Fass

Gray Television, through the use of technology, has allowed its operations to continue through remote operation. To fill us all in on the subject, we welcome the company’s VP of Broadcast Operations, Mike Fass, to the newest episode of the Coronavirus INFOCUS podcast. LISTEN HERE

A ‘ Predictive Analysis’ Tool Evolves

Here's a newly upgraded product that's designed to help broadcasters understand and correlate factors that contribute to higher audience engagement. It's from Qligent, which is enhancing its second-generation cloud-based service using AI, machine learning and "big data" to mitigate content distribution matters.

The RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast: WFAA-8

Imagine covering the COVID-19 pandemic in a territory where stay-at-home rules were based on the decisions of leaders overseeing 30 different counties -- all within the viewing area of one TV station. That's how TEGNA's WFAA-8 in Dallas has been serving its viewers, as we learn in the latest episode of the RBR+TVBR Coronavirus INFOCUS Podcast. LISTEN HERE

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