Five Groups Teamed Up For Phoenix Model Market Test

No less than five audience measurement firms are working together to help Phoenix-based television broadcast companies understand the capabilities of Next-Gen TV, providing more accurate and timely information that will someday help viewers tailor the programming they want to watch and enable broadcasters and advertisers to reach viewers with messages that will interest them.    

Introducing An Indiana LPFM’s New Latino Licensee

The area between the Indiana cities of South Bend and Elkhart is largely rural. As such, it has attracted first-generation Hispanics seeking a better life by taking agricultural and farming jobs. A local house of worship has recognized this growth, and has grabbed a LPFM.

Voting Ends Today For The Best Finance Leaders!

Who are the top media finance executives? That's up to you ... but the window for nominations closes today. Be sure to make your voice heard as RBR+TVBR will present The Best Finance Leaders awards in New Orleans at the Media Finance Focus conference.

LPTV Advocates Cheer $150M Post-Auction Relocation Cash

These rules, the Coalition notes, culminate the more than six-year process the FCC has taken to plan, conduct, clear and now fund for rebuilding the nations’ LPTV and TV translator system.

GatesAir Sets Southeast Regional Sales Manager

GatesAir has strengthened its North American sales team with the appointment of an individual who brings three decades of industry and entrepreneurial experience to his new role, including sales and business development roles with Sony and Harris Corp.

Reauthorization Process Streamlined For ‘Satellite’ TV Stations

The FCC on Tuesday eliminated "unnecessary regulatory expense and delay" by streamlining the process for reauthorizing television satellite stations when they are assigned or transferred. 

New Opportunities For Last Frontier: An Alaskan Anchor

An Alternative station with a Class C2 FM signal and its Class C1 sibling, a Brooke & Jubal affiliate modeled after a Seattle-based CHR/Pop station with identical branding, are being sold in a deal that shines a spotlight on the 49th State of the Union -- Alaska.

Fair Value, Lower Leverage: Schmaeling’s Look At Entercom

Entercom head David Field loves his company's Q4 earnings results. Adjusted net income grew significantly. But, that's the result of an impairment loss. There's a good reason why this loss was taken, CFO Rich Schmaeling tells RBR+TVBR in an exclusive conversation that also touches on Entercom's debt.

CP Consolidates In Florida With Big New Facility

A company known for its products and services for broadcast and live event productions has just consolidated its operations by closing its Elmsford, N.Y., and Orlando offices and opening a new 31,000-square foot facility in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Introducing The Latest Version of CaptionMaker

A provider of workflow automation, processing and quality monitoring and management products for the production and distribution of video known for its CaptionMaker closed captioning and subtitling software is rolling out the latest version of the tool.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Monetizing Radio’s Digital Platforms

Attracting local advertisers to traditional media is harder than ever, thanks to the growth of digital media solutions. How can radio stations, in particular those targeting Hispanic consumers, win over some of those advertisers with its own digital offerings? That's exactly what Armando Guerrero, of digital ad agency Ntooitive, discusses in this all-new Hispanic Radio Podcast with host Adam R Jacobson.

How to Program Better Bottom Lines

Determining the right programming mix for your station and how to position and play it is at the very heart of any station’s success. At the Hispanic Radio Conference in Miami on March 12-13, there’s a panel for that.

Higgins Hired To Oversee Omaha For SummitMedia

SummitMedia has selected a President for its five stations in Omaha, and this radio and TV industry veteran will take oversight of KEZO-FM, KKCD-FM, KQCH-FM, KSRZ-FM and KXSP-AM starting Wednesday.

First Next-Gen TV SFN Now Up and Running

A major milestone in the voluntary roll-out and development of the next-gen broadcast TV standard, ATSC 3.0, has been met in the Dallas-Fort Worth DMA. It involves American Tower, and the construction of and connectivity for the industry's first market-wide ATSC 3.0 Single Frequency Network (SFN).

FCC Call Center Launched For TV Rescan Assistance

The ongoing transition of local TV channels thanks to the post-FCC Incentive Auction repacking process, coupled with the rise of "cord cutting" and over-the-air broadcast TV consumption, has led the FCC to open a dedicated consumer help center expressly created to assist them with any queries and associated needs.

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