Christian, Reed Point The Way To News Hub Growth

A Little Rock-based division of Media Gateway providing ways for stations to produce local newscasts in their markets in a high-tech and "cost-effective" way has been...
Pile of Money

With Cumulus Sales, Are FM Valuations Poised To Plunge?

With WRQX's end, along with that of New York sibling WPLJ-FM, questions abound as to whether any entity other than the stations' buyer could have swooped in to buy the properties. One broker believes the answer in this case is no. The FCC could change this paradigm.

MMTC Wants Cable Procurement Rule Applied To OTA TV

For the MMTC, putting a stop to media ownership rule changes that would open the doors to further consolidation has become a key task for the lobbying group led by Maurita Coley. Reply comments filed with the FCC suggest a cable rule should extend to broadcast TV.

NAB Reinforces Its Call For Further Media Deregulation

If it were up to the NAB, one company could theoretically own every AM station in a market of any size. It's also the chief architect behind a plan to allow one entity to own every FM in a market ranked No. 75 and under. The NAB is doubling down on this argument.

A Digital Music Promo App Goes Mobile

Music promotion and delivery service Play MPE has launched the latest version of its full-service mobile app. The app, available now for iOS and Android, gives promotional professionals and other key tastemakers access to new releases from labels big and small, plus artists themselves.

PIRATE Act Advances In U.S. Senate

The "Preventing Illegal Radio Abuse Through Enforcement Act" on Wednesday cleared the Senate Commerce Committee, setting the stage for a full vote in the Upper Body of Congress. If passed, more FCC firepower against unlicensed radio station operators will be had.

An FCC Chairman’s 20th Anniversary Salute To WiFi

Who knew in 2008 that wireless internet technology would be an essential way of life for millions of Americans? WiFi is now two decades old, and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai remarked on WiFi's past, present and future on Tuesday at the Wi-Fi World Congress 2019 in Northern Virginia.

PIRATE Act Finally Gets Senate Consideration

The House of Representatives on Feb. 25 passed the “PIRATE Act.” The House in 2018 did the same thing. But, it’s ultimately up to the U.S. Senate to decide if the legislation makes it way into law. That now may finally come, thanks to the Senate Commerce Committee.

Radio Marketer Of The Year: Flo’s Employer

Flo and Jaime, "the No. 2 number one employee," may have an office party to start planning. Progressive Insurance has been selected to receive the 2019 Radio Mercury Awards "Radio Marketer of the Year" Award.

Ex-CBS Radio Markets Drive ETM, With Gaming Revenue To Come

Four former CBS Radio markets are Entercom's top revenue performers in Q1, said President/CEO David Field. That's not the only huge takeaway from his company's quarterly earnings call. Legalized sports gambling could be a huge money maker for Entercom very soon.

What’s So ‘Odd’ About Media’s Q1 Occurrences?

"In the investing world, as in life, it is hard to change a narrative," says analyst Michael Nathanson. "For much of the past four years, the media industry has been rightly defined by declining Pay TV subscribers, falling linear TV consumption, and slowing ad spend." But, something "really unusual" is afoot.

What’s the Top-Billing Radio Station In America?

For the top 10 billing stations, a few adjustments in rankings occurred in 2018, while Washington, DC all-news station WTOP-FM maintained the top spot. What did the Hubbard Radio all-News giant bill?

Beasley Suffers Again On Wall Street

It was a mixed day for U.S. financial markets, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 134.11 points, to 26,583.65, while Nasdaq slipped 1.63 points to 7,994.45. Among the key moves for media stocks was Beasley Broadcast Group, with shares down sharply in average trading.

Product Of The Year: An AoIP SwitchBlade

A new AoIP appliance for Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio network is the winner of a NAB 2019 Product of the Year award. It nabbed the honor in the Audio Production, Processing and Networking category.

FCC Cements Radio License Renewal Cycle Procedures

The FCC’s Media Bureau on Monday unveiled its revisions to the license renewal filing procedures for radio stations. In doing so, it is providing information on the upcoming 2019-2022 radio license renewal cycle. Here's what you'll need to know.

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