Hey Alexa … What’s Your Market Dominance?

Wondering what device your in-home radio listening will most likely be heard on? A new consumer survey shows that nearly one in four smart speakers will answer to requests directed to an AI-powered female by the name of Alexa.

Here Come The 8K TVs … At A $6K Minimum MSRP

With much fanfare, Samsung and LG on Thursday each unveiled the first new televisions to feature the new 8K format. But, are consumers hungry enough to make a purchase now? While limited content is one issue, the other may come down to price.
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How Many Millions Of Homes Are Paying For SVOD?

A new global study on who is paying for streaming video services shows the U.S. and Canada far and away the leading nations where "OTT" is eating away at cable TV. Here's a look at how many households are paying for these services, and what the worldwide SVOD outlook is for the next five years.

Smart Speakers: That Hot Holiday Must-Have

According to a new study conducted by Jacobs Media Strategies and jācapps, in partnership with Sonic Ai, a significant percentage of respondents over the age of 12 that have internet access plan to purchase a voice-controlled smart speaker, such as an Amazon Echo or Google Home device, during the 2017 holiday season. Is your radio station giving any away as a cume-building promotion?

‘Destination Television’ Remains Key For U.S. Consumers

Pay-TV subscribers across the U.S. are growing increasingly satisfied with over-the-top streaming TV services vs. traditional cable TV. But, a trio of associated J.D. Power studies released Thursday (9/28) indicate they also are spending nearly an hour more a week watching regularly scheduled television programming than they did two years ago.

The Skinny On ‘Skinny Bundles’ Shared At Communacopia

A presentation devoted to "cord-cutting" was delivered to the Wall Street investment community on Thursday as part of the Goldman Sachs Communacopia conference, with Mike Vorhaus, Los Angeles-based President of Magid Advisors, sharing some data about the rising embrace of SVOD services. The data are sobering reminders for broadcast TV's C-Suite that local news and original programming may be its final saving grace.

Has The Bubble Popped For Mobile Video?

Ooyala has just released its Q2 2017 Global Video Index, and there's a glimmer of hope for broadcast radio and TV C-Suiters intent on scraping away at some of those digital ad dollars: Mobile video plays have plateaued after 22 quarters of strong growth, increasing just over 1% since Q1 this year.

What’s Next for Personal Electronics?

As a Futuresource Consulting analyst sees it, the smartphone will likely remain the most important personal electronics device for consumers for the foreseeable future. As technology progresses, however, we won't rely on or be limited to the smartphone forever. What could this mean for broadcast media's C-Suite?

Quality, Size Matter For ‘Next-Gen TV’ Buyers

Television has the opportunity to win back its once-central role in the home by getting smarter

Is ‘Net-Connected TV Penetration Maxing Out?

The penetration of Internet-connected TVs among U.S. broadband households has grown from 50% in 2013 to 74% at the end of 2016

FCC Vote Set On Set-Top Box Plan

The Commission on Sept. 29 will vote on a proposal introduced yesterday by Chairman Tom Wheeler to open set-top cable TV boxes to competition.

Is Next-Gen HDR TV The Next Big Thing?

A newly released research report finds that one in four U.S. homes will have an HDR TV by 2020.
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