ION’s "OMVION" mobile unit gaining ground

Open Mobile Ventures Corporation (OMVION) is a business unit dedicated to the research and development of portable, mobile and out-of-home

Phil Hendrie: Unpredictable, entertaining, insightful radio

Phil Hendrie got his start in radio as a music DJ and later in 1990 began his career in Talk Radio. The first Phil...

Kidd Kraddick in the Morning: Not your everyday cast of characters

The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show is a hip, syndicated family friendly morning program out of Dallas. How did the

Tom Sullivan: been there, done that!

“The Tom Sullivan Show,” launched early November 2007, is a daily, topic-driven look at news and issues that have or will have impact on...

Mancow: Handling the content of AM with the style, pacing and humor of FM

Since leaving Emmis’ Q101 in Chicago July 2006, Erich “Mancow” Muller has entered a bit of a renaissance with

Campbell’s Paul Alexander: Brand emotion, product integration and agency collaboration

Here, Paul talks about reaching the consumer, using new and traditional media combinations for brand objectives, agency collaboration and

Martin Cass is taking planning to the next level

Martin Cass is Head of Communications Planning for Carat Americas and Head of the Procter & Gamble Account Worldwide for Carat.

George Beasley: Radio vet keeps the faith by moving forward

With more than four decades in the radio broadcasting industry, Beasley Broadcast Group remains confident in the value of

Success Stories: ESPN Radio’s Jim Pastor

It’s time to write a series of success stories about radio, against all of the negative news. What is it that ESPN

Traug Keller: taking the ESPN brand ahead of the curve

Traug is the SVP, Production Business Divisions for ESPN. He’s responsible for all aspects of ESPN Radio

Michael Savage: Straight talk, unfiltered

Talk Radio Network’s Michael Savage is no stranger to controversy and headlines. However, his show and audience just keep on growing. Why? Because he...

Irwin Gotlieb on moving the media business forward

Irwin Gotlieb is the Global CEO of GroupM, the full service media investment management company

ESPN Radio’s Mo Davenport

It’s time to write a series of success stories about radio fighting back against all of the negative news. What is it that ESPN Radio is doing that’s working so well? They’re up healthy double digits

Cooper Lawrence: It’s about the listener

Cooper Lawrence is a developmental psychology expert and the host of her own nationally syndicated radio show

Tim Spengler, Initiative North America

Tim leads Initiative’s North American channel activation efforts and oversees the unification of all buying departments including national
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