Family Broadcasters – Pay Attention:

Sons and Daughters; Strike Out On Your Own - Family Attribution Under the FCC Ownership Attribution Rules. Two seemingly unrelated items appeared in the

Wireless Internet Radio

New people are discovering Internet radio everyday. But right now people have to think about how to connect, where to connect, or what to connect to in order to listen. When wireless access

The 2009 radio upfront: Caution flag raised in a tough economy

In our annual network radio upfront feature, we ask top media agency buyers for their take, along with noting the big issues

"But Of Course We Talk to Them"

Innocent Steps That Can Land You In a Coordination Investigation - As we head into the final weeks of the general election, we can expect to see the kind of increased spending on

Sink your teeth into this…and/or-colds' a comin’

This one is a little different. But sometimes that’s what it takes to stand out. Halloween is just around the corner. Why not

Leaving the Lead Story Out of Show Opens

A great proportion of any show open tease will usually be dedicated to the lead story.  Focusing on the stories of the day is...

What is Reasonable Access?

A question that comes up again and again every political season is: to whom do I have to sell time?

Wall Street seeks a bottom

As bad as the first half of 2008 was for broadcasting stocks - and stocks in general - things just got worse in Q3. And as the quarter was ending, both Capitol Hill and Wall Street were coming to grips with

Looking at Internet radio ad options

There's been a lot of talk lately about declining results of display banners for advertisers. Technically speaking, advertisers and agencies are concerned about their

Election Weekend Sales

Election day, November 4, 2008, is only five weeks away. If the past is any teacher, as we drill down to E-Day, the fury of last minute attack

Smarter Strategies for Talent Blogs

If you take a look at a typical blog on a television news web site, you'll find a familiar pattern to the posts. The anchor or reporter starts out with a flurry of posts

The Financial Manager's Perspective

Seeing the Broader Horizon for Broadcasters - I was so heartened to hear Oaktree Capital Management's Andy Salter's comments at

Fear is overrated

Perhaps one of the most famous quotes regarding the subject of fear is the one that was delivered by Franklin D. Roosevelt:

PPM measurement of Internet radio

Arbitron recently released a report on PPM measurement results for August which includes some measurement of AM/FM stations' streaming audiences

Is 8 billion viewing hours a lot…or not?

Ignore the deluge of confusing “revolutionary” broadband video Websites with names like Vudu, Veoh, Babelgum and 60Frames Entertainment.

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